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Hamilton 96 Boat
Escort: Fast-Long Range-Heavy Armed

The Hamilton 96 was designed as a fast, long range, and heavy armed escort boat. With the world wide break out of terrorism and pirating now is the time to address this unchecked potential global threat.

One of the greatest impacts to economic and environmental stability is Oil and LNG tankers. These large ships are a target of terrorists and pirates. Can you imagine the political, economic and environmental fall out if a supertanker would be captured by terrorists and that oil cargo would be pumped overboard at a major US port or off shore of any coastal city along the US, coast line or other parts of the world. It would take years to recover from such an event. The cost of destruction of economic and environmental life would be in the billions. The attack of a LNG Tanker could cause massive loss of life. These tankers carry a very volatile fuel. All it would take is a rocket or explosive device to discharge in one of the fuel domes to set off a large explosion to the rest of the ship. This could start an explosive reaction that could cause billions of dollars of damage. If one of these LNG Tankers was in port unloading or loading its cargo when attacked and detonated, the result would be devastating. Loss of ship, damage to facilities as well as loss of life. There is only one way to reduce this from happening in the future. These tankers and ports must be protected. Terrorists must be kept from boarding these ships and attacking these tankers. In today’s world of terrorism one must devise new ideas and products to counter terroristic actions. The ships on the high seas are very vulnerable to attack and being boarded. These tankers need to be protected. If they are captured the risk to the economy and environment would be great, resulting in a disasterous outcome. The escorting of these tankers by fast, long range and heavily armored boats manned by highly trained personnel would greatly reduce the threat.

The Hamilton 96 was specially designed to engage and reduce this threat. This boat is armed with eight 30mm automatic, laser ranged, laser targeted, gyro stabilized gun systems and four 50 cal stations. These weapon stations represent the newest technology for boat operations. Also, advanced electronics for detecting targets will be incorporated for detecting threats. Each boat will have the ability to house and deploy an armed helicopter, adding to the arsenal to reduce threat. This air power will give the escort boat an added advantage. Detecting the threat at long range and engaging and destroying the threat before it is able to attack its target is what the Hamilton 96 was designed for.

The Hamilton 96 is powered by 4 very powerful diesel engines. Such power gives the boat the ability to cruise long distances by selecting the best power selection for maximum range and best power selection for high speed needs. The Hamilton 96 is a self-contained platform designed to operate along or in operation with other Hamilton 96 Boats to achieve its mission to protect the ship it is escorting.

An oil tanker could be used as a weapon of mass ecological and economic destruction by terrorists. Imagine, if you will, an oil spill of 2 million barrels of oil in any major port in the US or other parts of the world. The port would be closed to all ship traffic. This shut down would cost billions of dollars. The loss of sea life would be tremendous, and would take years to recover. Imagine 2 million barrels of oil washing up on the shore of a US coastal city. Can you imagine the damage that could occur if an LNG Tanker captured by a terrorist group and detonated at major US or International terminal could have on life and economy. The Hamilton 96 could provide escort duty for Cargo Vessels, LNG Tankers and Oil Tankers. By having heavily armed boats escorting these ships it would be harder for these ships to be captured.

We must also address the need to protect off shore drilling and productions platforms globally. The protecting of the hundreds of production and drilling platforms along US Coast line and especially in the Gulf of Mexico, where production platform numbers are very high, must be protected.

The reduction of financial exposure would more than pay and justify the use of the Hamilton 96 for escort duty. Economic and ecological damage would be reduced or completely averted. The addition of the Hamilton 96 to the global Oil and LNG Fleet, and Cargo fleet would become part of daily business security operation of Oil and LNG shipping companies as well as other cargo ships targeted by terrorists and pirates.
By protecting cargo, crew and ships and ports from ecological and economic disaster would keep cost down for product. Adding the Hamilton 96 to the world shipping assets would be a small price to avert a terrorist event, protect the cargo, crew and ships…….save billions.

The Hamilton 96 represents the latest in technology design in weapons, power plant, and platform design to achieve a maritime security goal.

The Hamilton 96 will be a product of Hamilton Aerospace.

The Hamilton 96 will be the armed boat of choice for Global Marine Security service. Global Marine Security Service will provide long range armed escort for Oil and LNG Tankers and Cargo Ships worldwide. Global Marine Security Service will also provide patrol services.


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