Hamilton Rifle

“A gun is a machine, and like all machines, the more precise it is, the better it will perform. Few machines in this world operate at pressures as high as those of a gun. These pressures are extreme and only last for a millisecond.”

George Hamilton – Interview with John Fasano
April 28, 2012, Bandera, Texas


I have always loved the design of a well made firearm, and have often thought of designing a very accurate, well made rifle. In 2009 I began the design process. In 2010 after designing four barrel contours, a barrel maker was chosen to cut the concept barrel contour. This was the first step of the research program. Besides the standard rifle cartridges, I started designing a proprietary 30 caliber cartridge. The second rifle was set up for the proprietary cartridge.

For a production action, certain criteria were chosen: control round feeding, large extractor, strong ejector and safety must lock firing pin. Bolt could be opened while on safety. 2011 was spent developing barrels for concept rifles being completed and fitted to action.

Concept rifles completed in 2012. Test firing was started in 2012. Results were spectacular. The 30-06 concept rifles proved to shoot incredible groups.


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It was my goal to develop a hunting rifle that attained the accuracy of a tactical rifle. To develop and use, in manufacturing, those precise characteristics found in research, to accomplish this. In addition, I wanted to develop proprietary cartridges for long range shooting.

Production is slated to start in 2013.

The Hamilton Rifle will be a mass-produced product of superior quality for the hunting and tactical market. The rifle will be offered in 22-250, 243, 7mm 08, 25-06, 270, 280, 308, 30-06 as well as proprietary calibers of 7mm, .300, .338 and 375.

Hamilton Rifle Specs

Action: Dual-locking lug
Control round feeding
Hinged floor plate
3 position safety
Barrel: 22-26 inches
Various contours and weight
Cut rifling
Stock: Composite as well as walnut
All glass bedded
Calibers: 22-250, 243, 25-06, 270, 7mm 08, 280, 308, 30-06
Proprietary Calibers: 7mm, .300, .338 and .375
Price: $1200.00 - $1500.00


George D. Hamilton
1194 Wharton's Dock Road
E-mail: george@hamiltonaerospace.com