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Hamilton Chosen to Construct Virtual Reality Interactive Air Combat Flight Simulators

After signing an Agreement on Monday, March 25th with Mr. Hamilton, we are happy to announce a Strategic Business Partner alliance with Hamilton in providing a major component in our virtual reality (V/R) simulators. The "Badger" - tactical, ground support aircraft - cockpit will be 100% to scale, and possessing all the unique Badger fuselage features. The details of the Agreement provide "exclusive use" in a "...(food) Family Entertainment Center (FEC)".

Spokesman for the (food) Family Entertainment Center stated that Hamilton was chosen because of its advanced designed aircraft "Badger". Its design and support of this virtual reality system is essential. The Badger aircraft is a next generation, all composite tactical aircraft. We wanted to partner with an advanced manufacturer.

Virtual Reality Interactive Aircraft Flight Simulation represents the future of electronic games. A virtual reality interactive simulation in San Antonio could "link up" with a virtual reality interactive simulation in Phoenix. A mission could be launched. The mission could represent real life. Over the next 36 to 48 months, over forty locations will be opened in major cities in the U.S. All these locations will be linked.

A spokesman for Hamilton stated this contract calls for the building and integrating of these virtual reality interactive simulators to be valued at several million dollars. As many as 1000 units could be produced. Location of plant site for the production of simulators has not been chosen by Hamilton.

The FEC business alliance is very unique, as it represents a technology marriage between two Texas companies, representing two separate and distinct markets. We are of the belief this will allow all guests, regardless of age or particular demographics, to enjoy a whole new level of thematic (networked) V/R flight simulator experience. It is understood by industry analysts that the "growing sophistication" of market(s) mandates new and better entertainment experiences, that are both "local" and "perceived as a great value".

The integration of state-of-the-art hardware and software is presently being negotiated with a world-respected American technology company. The completion of the first FEC Badger flight simulator is expected by the end of August, 2003. Additional updates will be forthcoming.


George D. Hamilton
1194 Wharton's Dock Road
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